Welcome to Dee’s Childcare, a blog about what really happens in a childminder’s setting! I am Decima and I work with my assistant Mirela. Here’s a little bit more about us…



I registered as a Childminder in August 2001 whilst on maternity leave with my second child and started minding in January 2002.  Initially, I only planned on Childminding for 5 years, but now, 15 years on it has become a “Family Business” and I absolutely love every moment.

I am married to Norman and we have three children; Niah who’s at College, Dante & Nevan who attend Secondary school. All of my children are also involved in the business and have grown with it. Niah works for us part time mainly with the after school children, she tutors as well as supports us by being a good role model. Dante helps with the business by managing our website and facebook page.

As an Ofsted Registered Childminder, I offer a high standard of care in a stimulating environment.  Children thrive here because they know that they are loved and valued for who they are.  I enjoy and am committed to working in partnership with parents and support and encourage that special relationship between home and setting.

I am also a Forest Childcare Provider and therefore committed to delivering an outstanding outdoor experience to the children we care for. This happens through creativity in everyday play, the provision of a range of natural materials and importantly giving small children the opportunity to regularly spend time in the great outdoors. Practically this means we engage the children in weekly outings to our allotment, local woodlands, farms and open spaces, spending lots of time outdoors in the natural environment.

It is a joy and a blessing to have parents entrust their most treasured processions into my care to nurture and develop.



I “stumbled” upon Dee’s Childcare in 2011 and how happy I am that I did. Never in a million years had I imagined myself working with young children and now, almost 5 years later I don’t see myself doing anything else but this.

I learned and developed, personally and professionally. I worked hard and now I consider myself a capable, dedicated early years professional with lots of passion and drive to make children happy, offering them fun learning opportunities and experiences.

I am fascinated with how little minds work, I love my job and I want to share a bit of the fun we have on a daily basis so, welcome into our setting.