Allotment-Spring Update

This post is long overdue but honestly, we have been so busy at the allotment, there was just not enough time to sit down and write it up.

Since the start of the Spring, we have spent a lot of time at the allotment, keeping very busy with planting and some new projects. It might not sound much but try and do any work with the little ones around and you’ll soon understand why everything takes twice as long as it normally would.


And that’s fine,  because the allotment is for the children,  for them to learn first hand, to experience things by seeing, touching and feeling, to understand their surroundings and how things work…Their enthusiasm and eagerness to participate is refreshing and energizing to keep going and growing.

The allotment is our happy place, I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I cannot emphasize it enough.

Anyway, enough of the blabbering, let me show you what we’ve been up to.


After a shopping trip to buy our seeds, we spent a couple of sessions planting. The children were more than happy to help and filled up pots with compost, selected which seeds they wanted to plant and with a little bit of guidance, they finished the job.

We transferred the pots in our new greenhouse where we’ve been taking care of them since, observing their progress with each visit.


Greenhouse- this is big!We have a real greenhouse!Of course, we had to risk assess the area and we put a protecting fence on the side and the children know they can only go inside with an adult.


Strawberry planter- we decided to change the way we grow strawberries because they became very crowded in the previous patch to the point we lost control over them and they didn’t yield a  very good crop. So we thought we would give this set-up a try. So far, so good.


Minibeast hotel- we already had one but it needed a bit of sprucing up so we ended up building a new one. It’s a bit smaller but tidier.


Adventure play area- this is the biggest project we’ve attempted so far this year. We had to relocate the sand pit which was hard work, but it meant we had a bigger space for the adventure area and linked to the existing stepping stones/ number logs. It is still work in progress, we involved the children in placing the tires and the beams and we are still to put the finishing touches.


Playing and learning

Every visit at the allotment is packed with fun, playing and learning through play. It’s the simple things such as filling and emptying buckets in the sand pit- learning about quantities; digging for worms-learning about habitats and observing live animals; watering the plants – knowing the plants need water to grow, practicing their physical abilities by running, climbing, balancing…