Allotment in Winter

Our visits at the allotment during Winter are infrequent. The cold weather dampens even the most enthusiastic gardeners. So we visited maybe twice a month and for very short periods of time.

The allotment looks very sad compared to the lush vibe of the greenery and summer life so our visits were purely to check on the last crops we left growing through the winter.



Early December we had some very cold days so during one of the visits we found the allotment frozen. The children were delighted to play with blocks of ice that we found in the plant pots.

dsc03412 The children handled the ice, commenting how cold it was and explaining their knowledge of how water turns into ice when it’s “freezing cold”.



Even the pond was frozen.


The last visit of 2016 got us harvesting the remaining parsnips that surprisingly fared very well even in the frozen ground. We’ve had some funky shaped parsnips, some very big ones and some “babies” as the children referred to them.


We had enough parsnips to roast and make soups and also to share with the Dee’s Childcare families.


2017 is here and we’ve only been to the allotment twice- to harvest the broccoli and to do a bit of clearing and preparing the soil for spring.


I cannot wait for Spring to come so we can start working on the allotment again.