The Bluewater Nature Trail

Today we visited the Bluewater Nature Trail in Kent. We are always on the lookout for new places, to offer interesting experiences to the children we care for. If it’s outdoors it’s even better.


The nature trail is in the grounds of the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, near London. You can find more information on their website  but I want to share our experience and some of the pictures we took as the Autumn scenery is so beautiful.


The shopping centre is built inside a quarry so it’s surrounded by white cliffs all around. There are lakes, bike paths, walkways and playgrounds.


The Nature Trail is highlighted by animal paws on the ground and signs, accompanied by Sidney the Squirrel who shows the way and gives detailed information about the flora and fauna around the area.


The children loved the walk as much as we did, stopping very often to admire the view, the lakes, the ducks, swans, to look for minibeasts under the logs, to look at the map and finally to play.


The playground we stopped in is very challenging so maybe children aged over 5 would appreciate it more, but our little ones gave it a try nonetheless. They are fearless and willing to tackle any new challenges that come their way.

They were also responsible to lead the way, so they looked for the paw prints on the path and consulted the maps on the way. We also came across Sidney, the squirrel who pointed arrows towards the way so we couldn’t stray from the path.


The wildlife is rich, we saw lots of ducks, swans, black headed gulls, minibeasts but the information on the plaques advised to look out for bats, herons, lizards and even grass snakes.

Flora was as amazing as the wildlife. The path is surrounded by trees and being Autumn, the colours offer an amazing view, backed by the white cliffs.


There is a picnic area in the playground but today was too cold to have lunch outside so we headed to the food court inside the shopping centre.

We promised the children a return visit, maybe in Spring and then in Summer so that we can compare it to the Autumn experience and hopefully see more of the animals that reside there.

The Nature Trail is surreal…a lovely place to visit, nature at its best especially after the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre.


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