Gym fun

We all know that physical activity is a big part of a child’s development. In the  EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), Physical Development is a prime area next to Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional Development.

And as much as we love outdoors, there are rainy days or times when children need something different.On these occasions, we take them to gym sessions which are a combination of soft play and real gym apparatus.


It’s pointless to try and explain how much the children love going to these sessions. It could be the enormous bouncy castle right at the entrance, or the trampolines, the different levelled beams, obstacle courses, or simply the idea of being able to run freely indoors that excites the children so much at the mention of going to the gym.


It is a great place to practice their physical abilities, learn coordination, balance, negotiate space, jump and land appropriately all of this in a safe soft environment. Alongside physical development, the children learn about self-confidence in their own abilities, new skills, they explore and interact socially with other children.




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