Autumn allotment update

It has been a while from the last allotment post so I considered the new season a good excuse to give you an update.

The allotment is looking very lush, there are still lots of crops to be harvested, lots of green and colour from our autumn flowers. It’s looking as lovely as ever.

I don’t have a favourite season but if I had to choose, it would definitely be autumn. The crisp cold mornings that turn into warm sunny afternoons…

Anyways, let me show you a few of our crops


The corn is looking very well, lots to be harvested, just giving it a bit more time for ripening. We’ve made an enclosure around the corn to protect it from the foxes that stole all the corn the previous years- hopefully, it works. So far so good.

The bean teepee is still very green and full of beans. We’ve picked beans many times, there’s lots more coming and also enough to use as next year’s seeds.


We’ve got our first melon!!!How exciting!Thank you uncle Morning for the contribution. Can’t wait to taste it.


We are at the second attempt of broccoli. Last time we got mainly leaves, hoping for a better crop this time.

Other crops are tomatoes, a few and very small carrots, green peppers, more courgettes and marrows, parsnips and of course leeks, the most important ingredient for the children’s favourite soup.

I might have said this before, but I’m going to repeat it shamelessly- I am so happy and proud, it brings me so much satisfaction seeing how the hard work we’ve put in through the year materialises in these beautiful, tasty, organic vegetables.

And the children…they are around, having all the fun, of course.


If you lasted until here, I will reward you with some pretty pictures.

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