Trip to the seaside

What’s a better way to celebrate summer holidays if not with a trip to the seaside?


We could not wait for the summer holidays. During school time, you get into a routine and every outing has to be carefully planned and timed because of the school runs. But summer means freedom. No stress about leaving at a certain time, even though the earlier the better and no pressure to be back by 3 o’clock .

So one of our summer outings was definitely the seaside. Now, the English seaside is not the traditional sandy beach but after a bit of research we found Minnis Bay which is the closest sandy beach to London.

Prepare yourselves for a long post with loads of pictures.

Swimsuits, hats, suncream, pack lunches, windbreaker and excitement at the highest levels, we were set to go.

Once there, we had lunch, got changed and were ready to play. The children were a bit wary of going in the water at first, so we started playing with sand, digging, filling buckets, making sand castles and burying each other in the sand.





When the children worked up the courage to go in the water, we found it surprisingly warm. There was lots of seaweed which looked and smelt unpleasant but ended up not bothering us after a while. We looked for crabs and picked up loads of seashells to bring back home.



We spent a lovely day at the seaside, the children enjoyed it very much.

In case you are planning to go, here are a few helpful tips- Minnis Bay is a sandy beach located near Margate in Kent.It’s not the most beautiful(as we were led to believe by reviews) because of the seaweed but you soon forget about it, once the fun begins.It has free parking, but just in case you don’t find a space, there is a car park. The toilets are located at the entrance of the car park, spacious and clean. The only downside is that once you are on the beach, walking back to the toilets is quite a distance, especially with young children. There is a bar and restaurant selling drinks and ice cream and what we liked the best were the life guards that stayed near the water the whole day rather than their cabins, giving you a feeling of safety and protection.


We will be definitely going back next year.


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