Visit to the Library

Books…ok I’m stuck on this word, I mean what is there else to say than this word-books. You might not understand this unless you know me, books are one of my favourite things in the world.But, enough about me, this post is about getting children love books from a young age and visiting the local libraries is the best way to do it.

They get to walk around and have their own personal experiences with books. Maybe a bright colourful book cover will spark their interest, enough to pick it up and have a look at it. Maybe they’ll find a book with their favourite character, animal or things they are interested in at the moment.


You can’t force a child to like books but you can create environments for them to experience books, give them opportunities to explore books. Library visits are perfect to do this.


According to the EYFS, books and printed materials are to be enjoyed by children from birth to 11 months old. Next step is for young children to start handling books with interest, listen to stories and have favourites. Between the age 30 to 50 months they should look at books independently, handle them carefully and know the correct way of holding them up. From 40 to 60 months their vocabulary and form of speech will show the influence of their experience of books.


Listening and attention skills are put to test during story time. We all know that young children have a short attention span so the satisfaction of them sitting and listening to a story is immense. A good book, maybe some props, even if it’s only your voice, will help and draw them in, catch their attention, sit and concentrate until the end of the story.


I would say, this was a successful library visit.

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