Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden is one of our most beloved projects we have done at the allotment. The time, effort and passion that has gone into this is unbelievable so brace yourselves for a magical journey. Bring your imagination and I’ll sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust and we can begin.


It all started with the decision of making use of the pond area. If for the first two years we concentrated on the plants and the allotment area itself, this year we took interest in the pond area.

So first we cleaned the pond and all around it. That’s when a plan began to take contour.


Next were the ideas. Obviously, we researched the internet for inspiration and began searching items for the fairy garden -shopping trips to poundshops, charity shops and boot sales. Maybe grandma’s decorations or our own boxes of trinkets we don’t use but never found the to strength throw them away.

Once confident we had enough things to get started, we put on our imagination hats and began.

A broken flower pot we had picked up during a drive was the first to take shape as a small fairy world. Now be careful, keep on the white pebbly road and don’t give in the hypnotising whispers of the fairies. Whatever you do, don’t enter the small house at the top. You might not be able to find your way out.

Next was the fairy tea log with a special entrance guarded by a cheery looking dwarf. But be prepared, unless you know the password, you can’t come in. The children chose “Open sesame” but don’t tell them I told you.

The central piece is a beautiful glass stand held by an angel. This is a very sentimental piece as it was given to us by grandma (Norman’s mum) and we felt it doesn’t need much decorating, just a special place so it went in the centre.


What’s a fairy garden without the mysterious woodland area- only here you will find mushrooms that will give you magical powers, owls that can tell you stories from far away lands, squirrels and hedgehogs…And there is another special entrance to the woodlands, but you know the password already. Just remember, don’t tell…


The newest addition is our very own miniature rookery!!!Very excited about this one, took a long time to complete and it was done with love and dedication.


These are the main areas of the Fairy Garden.In between them, we have placed flowers, random ornaments and decorations. It has been completed by laying down moss, painting the fence green and rainbow bricks around the pond. In the centre of the pond is another water fairy who is being kept company by two goldfishes. Can you spot them?


I hope you enjoyed this tour of our magical fairy oasis, I will leave you with a few close-ups to spark your imagination and give you ideas for your own stories…




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