Water play

Summer means water play, right?

Well, we have done them all: you name it-we did it. Paddling pool, ocean small world, funnels, measuring jugs, we even went to our local park paddling pool and did a trip to the sea side. And today we bought a water slide for the garden so more water fun coming.

Water play is simply fun.It is a free basic resource which offers so much, children can experiment with it, feeding their curiosity and imagination.


Children find water fascinating, it’s appropriate for all developmental stages and ages.It’s a good resource for developing skills such as communication, making relationships, experimenting, problem-solving, learning how things work, being inquisitive. And the best of all, it’s so much fun and all for free.

Here are a few pictures to prove it.

Measuring, filling and emptying containers, learning about the mechanics of a funnel.

Imaginative play, learning about water animals, being inquisitive about their habitat, sensory play with water, pebbles, sand, shells.

Finally, splashing, paddling and having fun

And the ultimate experience, trip to the seaside, but more about this on a separate post.




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