Allotment Harvest

Yes the time has come!Today we harvested and it was good, actually it was better than good. It was amazing! We had the biggest harvest yet.


Ah the feeling when all your hard work has paid of…I can’t explain it but I’ll try. As you might have got the hint- the allotment is our happy place. We spend a lot of time there and in all honesty is hard work to look after the plants and at the same time involve the children, make every visit a learning experience.

So when harvest time comes and you get a rich one, wow, it’s the best feeling.It’s a feeling of achievement and the children enhance it with  their expressions of amazement. The shrieks of joy when they spot more potatoes as we dig them out the ground, trying to learn and remember that the big green vegetables are called marrows, asking over and over if they can eat the apples, like not believing that it’s actually the time do so.

Ok now I’ll show you what we harvested.

Firstly, the potatoes. I think the children learned the most about the process of growing vegetables through the potato patch.

Let me show you a little timeline of their involvement.

Step 1- digging the ground in preparation for planting. This is early spring, maybe even February, but don’t tell anyone, we couldn’t wait to get started.


Step 2- planting the potatoes. Learning that the shoot has to stay on(a few were taken off because they didn’t know what they were) and the potato has to be planted with the shoot on top. This happened at the beginning of April.


Step 3- observing the potatoes grow, taking care of them, watering them all through May-June-July


Step 4 – harvest in late July, early August.


And a very good harvest, might I add. Enough to share with the children who proudly told us they had mash for dinner from the allotment potatoes. Now if that’s not a feeling of achievement, I don’t know what is.


Enough of the potatoes, we have more.

Cucumber, our first ever cucumber. This was the first year we planted cucumbers and we weren’t disappointed.


Also courgettes and marrows- the richest plant in vegetables- we harvested so many already and there’s more to come.


Beans, apples, more salads and even yellow tomatoes


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