Allotment Annual Barbecue

Our annual allotment barbecue has definitely become a tradition now. For the third year, on the last Sunday of the school term, we invite all our families (past and present) to the allotment, to enjoy a day in the fresh air, show them around the new projects, the crops – all this accompanied by food and drinks. Perfect day.

In preparation for the big day, we created a scrapbook full of pictures, showing how everything progressed- the crops, the projects, children’s learning and the fun they had.

Also, we spent the Saturday before, tidying up, doing final touches or things that we couldn’t do with the children around.

The main project was rearranging and tidying up the Fairy Garden and the pond area. Cutting the grass, fixing the swings, refreshing the games table were other things we worked on. Go team Dee’s Childcare!


Leaving the allotment on the Saturday evening, after a long’s day work, I took a few snaps, feeling very happy and excited for the next day.




And when finally the day came, we had such a nice time, everyone came with food, drinks and good mood. The children were so excited to show their parents around, we didn’t need to intervene.

The older children took over the little road, doing their own thing- racing games, gymnastics shows and the younger children spent time in the mud kitchen and sand pit. No surprises there.



IMG_2199 Towards the end we harvested some potatoes, courgettes and marrows for our guests to take home and then took a group picture , a memory to keep for years to come, to remind us of all the lovely people and the good time we had together.


I’ll leave you with a little message, written by one of our parents in the scrapbook which summarises the day

“Once again an amazing bbq event, that brings all the Dee’s Childcare families together in one place at the same time. And what nicer place to be but the DCC Allotment, where everything is green and fresh, where parents and children experience nature. Looking forward to next S.” 


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