Summer days

Aren’t they the best…

Sun is shining, birds are singing, children are happy…life is good!

No joke this is the power of a sunny day in London.

So today we went in the search of the Gruffalo, Big Bad Mouse and The Bear. Yep, we went on a mission. Drove to Oxleas Woods,  Shooters Hill, our nearest woods and started on our adventure.

Partnered up, the children were very excited to get going. While searching for our story characters, we also collected leaves, twigs and other natural items to use for a new project at the allotment.


We marched through the woods singing “We’re going on a bear hunt..we’re not scared”. Except some of the children did get a bit scared and asked to go home. But wait, we couldn’t, we’d lost our way. When we got to a crossroad we asked them-Which way should we go?


We thought and thought until the children found the solution- a magic leaf, a stick and a moon shaped stone to show us the way…

We did find our way our but not the Gruffalo, or the Big Bad Mouse nor the Bear… there’s always another time.

However, we  did find a park. Perfect for our picnic.


Tummies now full it was time for play. I did mention it was a park not a playground. No equipment needed to have the most amazing afternoon. We did so many physical activities, the children moved freely with confidence and pleasure, trying out different types of moves, exploring how their bodies work, running skillfully, negotiating space, adjusting speed or avoiding obstacles. All this unintentional learning going on while enjoying a sunny day in the park. Great, isn’t it?

Rolling down the hill? Yes please, even I joined in. I tell myself age doesn’t matter, I’m not sure what the passers-by thought.

Playing football…

Doing gymnastics…


Perfecting those martial arts moves…


Attempting to climb a tree..and not any tree, the biggest of all

And let’s not forget about those friendships and special moments shared…off to explore


So yes, next time the sun is up, forget all about fancy toys, planned activities, exciting places, just go to your local park and maybe, just maybe, you’ll experience a magical day, just like we did.

2 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. What a lovely description to the day and the pictures go so well. Lol @ them actually being scared. You did a good job acting! All that learning outdoors naturally. I love it! Thanks for taking Khay xx

    Liked by 1 person

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