Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Family and Love, Family and Love, Family and Love, yes, repeat those two words. They are the most important values for a child to learn. If a child grows up loved and with a sense of family, that’s your base to build upon.

We live in a world that’s changing every day, even if the changes don’t affect us immediately, they are changes that sometime in our children’s future they will have an impact.

Family dynamics are so different in today’s world, even within our small setting each family unit is different.  Here at Dee’s Childcare we pride ourselves on providing a home from home environment where children and their families are welcomed and celebrated. That is why I love the family vibe within the setting.

Our children learn that family is always there and that they are loved.  We support their parents in teaching the importance and significance of family.  Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to reinforce those values.

Let me show you some ideas your children can make as gifts for their dads.

I know I know, Father’s Day has been and gone but don’t think this post is too late, take it as it’s a year early.

Again we scoured Pinterest and found a few ideas which we then changed up a little and personalised to our own style.

First Gift- Personalised Rock Frame

You will need:

-a basic wood frame

-small rocks

-PVA glue and clear varnish

-my/our daddy rocks sign


This is how our making the gift process went:

Decima bought the frames from Poundshop- it doesn’t need to be anything fancy because you’re only going to be covering it with rocks.The children gathered the small rocks on a trip out to the allotment. The road leading to the allotment is unpaved so a perfect rock picking place.

Next was the sticking… a bit tricky at first because from what we read we should have used a hot glue gun or super glue. Neither was safe for the children and I really wanted them to do it. Ok, I admit, I might have helped them a little, here and there.So we tried pva glue on a frame, left it overnight and it was holding next day so we went for that. Also applied a coat of clear varnish at the end to make the rocks shiny.

Next step was taking a picture with the dad and his child/ children while they held the “My/ Our Daddy Rocks” sign. It’s really a sheet of paper written with a black marker.

Something like this…

And this is the final result


Second Gift- M & M Bottle

You will need:

-a bottle or a

– packets of m & m’s

-a tag with a cute message

And the result is…

download (1)

All packed and ready to go


This is it, it’s as simple, hope it gave you inspiration and ideas for next year because m&m dads should always be celebrated.


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