Spontaneous activity- Cloud Dough

Being spontaneous is one of the best things about this job. Yes, we did plan for an indoor activity but seeing how nice the weather was today we decided to go play in the garden.The slide, the cars, the ball pit, you know- the usual can get a bit boring. Sooo I thought let’s do a sensory tuff tray. I had seen the cloud dough online and always wanted to try it.And we did, tried it, played with it, got messy but had so much fun.

The advantages are countless. It’s very simple to make, only two ingredients- flour and oil, it feels great, safe to eat (you know the babies like to do that a lot), keeps it’s shape and invites to open-ended play. But the disadvantage is that it can get very messy. I personally don’t even mind it because from my experience the messier the more fun but I think of the parents. But to be fair it did wash off with a damp cloth.

The children helped to make it, we followed the original recipe, 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil, mixed together and we tripled that. The recipe stated baby oil but we decided to go with normal sunflower oil and it worked just fine.


We then added cups, spoons, cupcake silicon moulds and an ice cream play set. Let me tell you that the children not only spent the first half an hour playing in there but went back to it many times during the day.



Did I say it was open-ended play? The children filled and emptied different sized cups, measuring quantities, pretended to make cakes, drinks, ice creams, built volcanoes and castles, practised on sharing and taking turns(especially with the ice cream scoop) all this while socialising and reinforcing communication skills.



So yes, definitely recommend trying this, easy, simple but messy. Just keep that in mind.



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