Room On The Broom-Book Club

One of our favourite activities is Book Club. The way I do it is: first, read the story – using props if available – then, do an activity linked to the story.

Today’s story was Room on the Broom as we are momentarily focusing on rhyming words, rhyming and rhythmic activities, being aware of rhyme and recognising  it. And the children love this book so I was set for a successful activity.

I didn’t have props, but, I did find an interesting idea on Pinterest, of course, and that is to make my own story box, with bits and pieces found randomly.

The idea stayed with me, so a couple of weeks ago, I was in a charity shop, not looking for anything specific, just books, and on my way out I saw a small Winnie the Pooh dressed as a wizard!!!My excitement couldn’t be contained. It had a hat, a cape,  and ta da aaa, a broom! Perfect for my Room on the Broom story box!

So having the basics, I went around the setting and added a soft toy dog, a bird from Noah’s Ark toy set, a cat mask and lucky enough, one of the children came in with a ginger haired dolly. This was meant to happen. I got down the big red dragon that we had used for Chinese New Year Celebrations and a piece of dark colored fabric for the monster. Just when I thought I was set, Decima brings in a big, huge cauldron.

So, yes, now we’re set.

Story box
The props I used

All these details are meant to show how easy is to come up with your own story props without having to spend much.

Story time, finally. Definitely need the right voice and actions, which I am not very good at, but I do try my best. The children don’t mind, they’re too engrossed in the story and the props.

“Do it again, do it again” they say when I finish and that means it’s a success.

But we don’t read the story again, instead, we go in the garden where I’ve set up the Tuff Tray for making our own magic potion to give us our chosen magical powers. Why not be a ballerina, or jump high, or be strong or be a baby? I for one would love to concoct a magic potion to turn me into a baby, ha ha.

The Tuff Tray Before

Ok, so I got excited, and when I get excited, I get creative. I proper imagined myself being  a child and having fun,  making a magic potion, that’s how excited I was choosing the ingredients. Of course, I followed the story, why else would I put a bone in there? A bone? Yes, of course, it’s in the story, I had to do it. I played with textures and colors- added beans, flour, glitter, colored water, flower petals, shaving foam, rice, creepy crawlies…

Anyway, it was good, so good, the children played for about an hour, mixing, touching, feeling, measuring, chatting, sharing…everything went into the mix.

Potion making in progress


Potion Making in Progress

And this is the aftermath…

The Tuff Tray After

Hope you liked our activity and found some useful ideas, do come back for more




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