Buttons, buttons and more buttons

We love buttons, there are so many things you could do with them. Because they come in different colours, shapes and sizes, they’re great for sorting, matching, colour recognition, counting and comparing.

Today we used them in a new way.

The aim of the activity was to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and control; but let me tell you, the learning was open ended. The children added so much more to this simple idea. Some of them chose a specific colour, while others looked for the buttons with the most interesting shapes. Also watching the children developing their own strategies in order to complete their task, the language and socialising going on while sticking and the concentration levels were amazing.

Ok, so let’s get started. Basically, you need buttons and glue, card and  a marker pen.

I decided to use the tuff tray to keep the buttons contained and because it was such a lovely day so we took it out into the garden.

On paper, I drew swirls, waves and zigzags and let the children stick buttons on the lines.


The activity does require getting a bit messy but they love that so it was another bonus. And they used their fine motor skills to peel the dried glue off their fingers at the end so there you go, perfect way to reinforce what they just practised.

It’s that simple but so rewarding watching these very active children staying put, concentrating and trying to do their best.




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