Allotment Journey- Introduction

Dee’s Childcare loves outdoors, we are committed members of Forest Childcare Association, meaning we go out a lot, visiting local farms, parks, woods…

So about three years ago, the opportunity to have an allotment came up. At first, we weren’t too sure about it and started very small but now, three years later, it’s our favourite place to spend time.

It is the perfect size, it has four main plant beds in the centre, another three on the side, there’s a little pond, a plum and an apple tree, a shed and a grass play area.



It’s been a great journey, we’ve learned so much along the way and for the children…well it’s an amazing learning environment.

Not only they spend time in the fresh air but they learn about where our food comes from, how plants grow, how to take care of them and ultimately appreciate food and eat better. Discovering mini beasts, handling mud, getting wet and dirty is oh so much fun.

Let me show you



Like now, three years later, I watch the children play there and I feel happy. They are so comfortable in the open space, not afraid to pick up worms, get their hands dirty and describing the bean plants that they planted around the tepee as “brilliant”.

So you might have guessed by now how much we love the allotment.

Stay tuned for the next posts in the Allotment Journey.




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