Allotment Journey – 2014

If you haven’t read the Introduction post in our Allotment Journey , you need to know we have an allotment.

We love the allotment.

It’s been almost three years since we started this allotment journey  and we have invested so much time and energy in it but it’s so worth it.

I grew up in the countryside with a garden and chickens around so it was kind of natural for me to take on the side of planting/taking care of the plants. As for Decima- she used her creative side to the extent where she transformed the play area into an amazing fun, safe and educational environment.

Now you know the basics, let me walk you through our allotment journey in 2014.

The first time we visited the allotment, it was covered in grass so the first step was to clear it. To make it safer, we  asked one of our dads, who is a builder, to make a fence around it  using pallets that Decima and I picked up during a scavenger hunt in the neighbourhood.


Meanwhile, we went shopping  with the children and bought a small greenhouse, pots, utensils, compost and seeds and started planting.


I told you that the children got involved? Yes they did, from buying the seeds, planting and taking care of the plants, all the way until harvesting and eating.


I will never forget the day we harvested the peas.We tried some straight out the pods and the children’s reactions were unexpected.They said it’s yummy and they wanted more. More? Bear in mind they were not the biggest vegetable fans. That’s when I knew the allotment it’s the best place to learn and encourage the children to eat healthy.

Here’s a few pictures of our crops


And here’s some pictures of our projects.We wanted to reuse and recycle, most of the things we got for free or very little money. The tyres are from random garages, the water wall is actually a bed frame and the wellington boots on the fence are from car boot sales or donations.


At the end of the school year, we organised a big barbeque, invited all the parents and their children, we ate, shared our allotment adventures and harvested some vegetables and fruits for them to take home.


Hope you enjoyed this and do come back for the 2015 update.


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